Post Graduate Diploma Course in legal & Forensic Science (P.G.D.F.S.)

  1. Every candidate for the Diploma Course in Legal and Forensic Science Shall be examined in the following six papers in theory and practical examination separately. the theory paper shall be of three hours duration and practical paper shall be of five hours (One day)

Paper I Crim. Juris & Evidence Law. Theory Paper II Identification of Individuals Theory & Practical Paper Ill Identification of Finger Prints Theory & Practical Paper IV Identification of Objects Theory & Practical Paper V Identification of Hand Writing Theory & Practical Paper VI Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science Theory

  1. A candidate who after having passed the examination of Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) with at lease 48% marks in the aggregate of M.Sc. or B.Sc. with at least 50% marks in the aggregate of this University or of any other Indian University recognized for the purpose by the syndicate shall be permitted to appear at the examination in the Diploma course in Legal and Forensic Science after having pursued a regular course of study in the university for one academic year.

The Candidate shall be admitted as per following ratio : (a) For LL. B. Students 60% seats (b) For M.Sc. Students 20% seats (c) For B.Sc. I Division 20% seats

Scheme of Examination :

For the Diploma Course in Legal and Forensic Science Candidates must obtain, for a pass, at least 40% marks in individual papers and 48% in the aggregate of the successful candidate, those securing 60% of more marks in the aggregate shall be place in the First Division and rest in the Second Division.


    Law was Introduced as a Faculty in the year 1967 of Seth G.L. Bihani S.D. (PG) College. Since 2005 it has become a separte full-fledged Law College.


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